14th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme (DDIP)

Clinical Trials; Pharmaceuticals

Address: Munich Airport Marriot Hotel, Alois Steinecker Strasse 20, Freising 85354 Munich Germany
Date: 19 to 20 Nov '20
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Top-level Industry leaders from around 25+ countries will come to join DDIP and leave
with an exceptional experience that they return to the conferences year after year.
Delegates attending our event are asked to complete a questionnaire,which confirms
their R&D budget. They also provide details on:

  • Relevant Drug Discovery phases.
  • Drug Discovery budget of over 1 million Euros​.
  • Scope of Responsibility​.
  • Purchase plan for Products and services.
  • Geographies of interest​
  • Key priorities for the next 6-18 months 

Why Attend?

works with associations and companies to help them achieve their marketing objectives through various promotional opportunities. These opportunities are tailored to fit specific marketing goals, in order to maximize the exposure and impact of the partnership.

Heard the word Conference and instantly got bored? Well DDIP is no such Conference. Here the experience of learning is different. With entrancing Discussions about the most recent Innovations, trends and global challenges, DDIP is sure to cater to the unmet needs of the pharma industry.

DDIP will help in building relationships among the professionals from the industry. It’s not just about sitting at a conference and listening to presentations; you’ll get to roam around and connect with the skillful and adept movers and shakers of the industry.

Who Should Attend

  • CEO
  • CSO
  • Director Discovery Alliances
  • VP of Chemistry
  • VP Target Discovery & Assessment.
  • Senior Director Discovery Research.
  • Senior Director Functional Genomics.
  • VP Pharmacology & Preclinical PK/PD
  • Principal Scientist
  • Head Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Director of Discovery Strategy Portfolio
  • Executive Director Chemistry
  • VP Translational Medicine
  • Head of Drug Design


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Erik Buntinx

Founding CEO


Gabriel Baverel

President and CSO


Luca Signorile

Computational Chemist

SOM Biotech

Marcel van Duin

Vice president, Head Research

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Markus Muellner



Nicolas Bery

Postdoctoral Scientist

University of Oxford

Wim Van Criekinge



Xavier Leroy

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Domain Therapeutics



Munich Airport Marriot Hotel

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Munich Airport Marriot Hotel


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