2019 Automotive Radar & Sensor Fusion Technology Seminar & Exhibition

Electronics & Semi-Conductors; Automotive Engineering

Address: Suzhou, China
Date: 18 to 19 Jul '19
Official Website: https://webshow.ienmore.com/?activityId=1077&languageType=1

In 2018, for the first time, Active Safety Systems such as FCW & AEB were included into China's NCAP. Thanks to its relatively mature technology, wide application and low cost, millimeter wave radar is expected to play a greater role in ADAS and automatic driving.

However, Chinese companies still face difficulties in developing the 77GHz millimeter wave radar, etc. In addition, China's intelligent driving vehicles must adapt to more varied road conditions. So, how to achieve the cooperation and integration among millimeter wave radar, camera and lidar and solve the problem of sensor data fusion are a challenge for both Chinese and international companies.

Against this background, ICV Expert joins hands with Enmore China to hold the 2019 Automotive Radar & Sensor Fusion Technology Seminar & Exhibition on July 18-19, 2019 in Suzhou, aiming to promote the deep cooperation among industry, academia and research and provide a platform to industry customers for experience sharing and industry trend exploration.

Sincerely invite you to join us!

(For registration, please send email to aileenzhou@enmore.com. Thank you.)


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Key Themes & Topics

During the 2 day conference, you will hear from over 25 keynote speakers, and agenda topics that include:

- Analysis of Radar’s Evolutionary Trends, Market Ecosystem and Supply Chain.
- Tracking the development of Automotive Radar Standards
- Millimeter-wave Radar Testing Plan
- Feasibility Analysis of Millimeter-wave Radar Completely Replacing Lidar in High-Level Automatic Driving
- OEM Certification and Specific Requirements for Automotive Millimeter-wave Radars

- CMOS - New Technology of Millimeter-Wave Radar
- 4D Millimeter-wave Imaging Radar
- New Technical Requirements for Millimeter-wave Radar Put Forward by ADAS and Autonomous Driving Technology
- 79GHZ Millimeter-wave radar
- Exploration of Domestic Millimeter-wave Radar in Realizing ACC/AEB
- Millimeter-wave Radar packaging technologies
- Deep Learning: A new path to intelligent radar
- Automotive radar co-channel interference and the solution

- How Will the Sensor Fusion Technology Develop in the Future?
- Object tracking, sensor fusion and situational awareness for assisted and self-driving vehicles: problems, solutions and directions
- How to Solve the Interference among Different Sensors?
- Exploring the “Golden Ratio” for Fusing the Sensors
- Fusion engine development and performance evaluation for realistic scenarios
- Multi-source and multi-modal sensor fusion strategies and implementations in the world of autonomous driving

There will be numerous networking opportunities as well as an After-Conference Site Tour Opportunity.

Who Should Attend

- Automaker 25%
- Tier 1 15%
- Solution Provider 10%
- Millimeter-wave Radar System Supplier 15%
- Component Supplier (Chip/PCB) 10%
- Assembly & Testing Companies 5%
- Camera System Supplier 5%
- Lidar System Supplier 5%
- Government/ Associations/ Alliances 2%
- Universities & Research Institutes 5%
- Media and Others 3%


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