Uniting our First Responders to Improve Mental Health Care

Most first responder leaders are aware of increased mental ill health within their workforce. Yet, many are only taking the first steps to provide adequate wellbeing and mental health care. Despite many approaches, there has traditionally been no central platform to share resources, best practices, and training across all first responder agencies.

The Frontline Mental Health Conference is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of first responders in leadership positions, so that you can actively promote positive mental health within your organisation.

🎯 Unite with other leaders and learn from the diversity of experiences - personal perspectives, recovery innovations, strengths and gaps in the mental health system, and practical efforts being made to break the stigma.

🎯 Learn real techniques and practical solutions to implement into your agency.

🎯 Share insights, resources, and strategies to improve the mental health of our first responders with your fellow leaders.

Troubling Statistics

1/3  ~ One in three emergency workers suffer from high to very high levels of psychological distress.

6 Weeks ~  One police officer, paramedic or firefighter is taking their own life every 6 weeks.

10% ~ 10% of frontline workers have probable PTSD, compared to an estimated 4% of the general population.

National Coronial Information System Intentional Self-Harm Among Emergency Services Personnel 2015
National Mental Health and Wellbeing Study of Police and Emergency Services (2016-2020)

It’s OK to Not Be OK

First responder culture can often perpetuate a stigma against seeking help.

By not speaking up, our frontline workers face long-term consequences.

Anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse are just some of the mental health issues that can manifest as the result of repeated exposure to trauma.

Connect and collaborate with leaders on the front line, from fire and rescue to police and ambulance officers, defence force personnel, surf lifesaving and SES volunteers.

The 2022 Theme is "Working Together – Exploring an Integrated Health and Wellbeing Approach"

Hours towards CPD points: 12  (Program can be found here).


In-person, group, and virtual registration options are all available.

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