4th World Biotechnology Congress

Genetically Modified Food, Pharmacology & Pharmaceuticals

Address: Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AQ, UK, 40 Bloomsbury Way | Lower Ground Floor
Date: 20 to 21 May '19
Price: Under 500 USD$
Time: 9am to 5pm
Website: https://biotechnologycongress.pulsusconference.com

London is all set for an amazing event as PULSUS proudly presents the "4th World Biotechnology Congress" slated on May 20-21, 2019 at London,UK.

The meeting for this year will revolve around the theme “A Scientific Extravaganza for the Innovations and development of research in Biotechnology” thus relaying the most cutting-edge findings in the field of Biotechnology Research.

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Key Themes & Topics

1. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
2. Medical Biotechnology
3. Plant Biotechnology
4. Agricultural Biotechnology
5. Food Biotechnology
6. Animal Biotechnology
7. Marine Biotechnology
8. Genetics Biotechnology
9. Microbial Biotechnology
10. Computational Techniques of Biotechnology
11. Clinical Immunology
12. Cancer Biotechnology
13. Nanotechnology
14. Stem Cell Technology
15. Protein Engineering
16. Techniques of Biotechnology
17. Reproductive Biotechnology
18. Industrial Biotechnology
19. Advancement in Biotechnology
20. Biomedical Technology
21. Tissue Engineering

Who Should Attend

PULSUS cordially welcome researchers, academicians, students and business professionals in the field of Biotechnology from around the world.


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Event Speakers

Biotechnology 2019 akuma saningong 47266
Akuma Saningong

Maximizing Your Potential

Empowering You

Biotechnology 2019 ambreen asif  47275
Ambreen Asif

Aligarh Muslim University, India

Biotechnology 2019 ana peigneux 47273
Ana Peigneux

Universidad de Granada, Spain

Biotechnology 2019 dbora colombi 47271
Debora Colombi

Genotyping Biotechnologia


Biotechnology 2019 joel i osorio  47268
Joel I Osorio


RegenerAge International, USA

Biotechnology 2019 jose antonio cruz  47267
Jose Antonio Cruz


Kurago Biotek, Mexico

Biotechnology 2019 luis lightbourn 47272
Luis Lightbourn

Instituto de Investigacion Lightbourn


Biotechnology 2019 mohammad al sorkhy  47274
Mohammad Al Sorkhy

Al Ain University of Science and Technology


Biotechnology 2019 mohsen hajheidari  47269
Mohsen Hajheidari

Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research


Biotechnology 2019 olga onyshchenko  47270
Olga Onyshchenko

BTI Biotechnology Institute




Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AQ, UK
Biotechnology 2019

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Bath Rd, Longford, Hounslow TW6 2AQ, UK
Biotechnology 2019

Event Organizer

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Pulsus Group

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 Please check the official event website for possible changes before you make any travel arrangements.
Prices are for evaluation only.