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Address: Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Av. El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Date: 27 to 28 Nov '19
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VC & Private Equity Forum America Digital connects Investors, Private Equity firms, Corporate VCs, VCs, entrepreneurs, government authorities, consultants and stakeholders of the PE, Investment and Venture Capital Industry to share best practices / methodologies about: - Best practices to invest in the next Google, Uber, Facebook, Cornershop, Rappi, PedidosYa - Best practices to do a Buy Out with a PE firm. - Which are the investment opportunities for PE in digital companies in Latin America? - How to develop the Venture Capital Industry in connection with the main investment hubs Silicon Valley and Israel? - How to raise venture capital?. Best practices to structure a funding plan for your company. - VCs funds creation and management. VCs investment strategies and methodologies. - Best practices to structure a Corporate Venture Capital Fund and how to interact with the Start Up ecosystem. - Capitalization strategies recommended according to company stage. - Exits strategies and mechanisms. M&A, Management buy outs, IPOs. - Regulatory frameworks and government funds available for the Creation of Venture Capital Funds.

Key Themes & Topics

1. How to raise Venture Capital from US $ 0.3-10 million for each stage of my company? How to structure a funding plan? 2. Presentation of 4 investment opportunities in fast grow technology companies. 3. How to invest in Start Ups. How to invest in the next Google, Facebook, Uber? Best practices and trends in VC investment. How to nurture high quality Deal-Flows, best practices of Due Diligence, Investment Portfolio Management, Investment Process, Investment Terms, Post Investment Monitoring and case studies. 4. What are the main opportunities for Private Equity Funds to do Buy Outs in fast grow tech companies and digital companies in Latin America? 5. Case Analysis of VC investment in Latin America. Learned lessons. 6. Case Analysis of PE investment in Latin America. Learned lessons. 7. Analysis of the venture capital industry in Latin America, where are we now and where are we going? What are the main challenges to develop the venture capital industry in the region? 8. How to reduce the risks between the founding team and the investment fund? How to align interests between Investors and the founding team? Methodology step by step to structure a Term Sheet. 9. VCs Panel: Chilean and global VCs with operations in Latam talk about the challenges and opportunities for the development of the venture capital industry in Chile and Latin America? During the VCs panel, we will cover the following topics: • Experiences of VCs investments in Latin American companies. Lessons learned. • The Venture Capital ecosystem comparing Chile with abroad. • Existing difficulties and upcoming challenges. • The contribution of foreign VCs to the local ecosystem • The relationship of the Venture Capital Funds with each other – collaboration or competition? Compared experience • The regional view: Investing globally versus the local focus. • The role of CORFO, associated benefits and difficulties. 10. 4 Private Equities present about the type of companies they are looking for. The 9 variables that a private equity seeks to make a Buy Out in your company. 11. How to properly perform a Due Diligence? A step by step methodology. 12. Panel of High Impact Entrepreneurs: Main challenges in the region to develop the high impact entrepreneurship ecosystem. 13. How to implement a Corporate Venture Capital Program in your organization and leverage with the Start Up ecosystem? 14. Legal framework to create an Investment Fund, structure, capital and taxation considerations. 15. State of the art to raise / invest capital in Chile. Legal considerations. 16. How to properly align the incentives of founders, management team and the Investment Fund? 17. How to properly structure an exit mechanism, M&A, assembling the puzzle between the Company, Buyer, Lawyers, Broker and Taxes. There will also be a Cocktail and Closing Party with a Blues/Jazz live band and DJs on the final night.


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Jackie Mango

Managing Director for Golden Seeds Investment Firm

Jeff Wallace

Advisor UC Berkeley’s startup incubator and President Global Kinetics


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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago

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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago


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