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Addressing the 4-V’s of Big Data have become fundamental for data scientists: Volume: The integration of existing enterprise data with Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Internet of Things is driving the data explosion Variety: Capturing all of the structured and unstructured data that pertains to the enterprise decision making processes Velocity: The rate at which data arrives and the time required to process and understand it Veracity: The quality and trustworthiness of the data The courses in this certificate will address the technical considerations for implementing and integrating the information technologies that are required to have a successful/valuable big data/business analytics/knowledge management strategy across the enterprise, including robotics process automation, Cognitive Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, IoT (internet of things), Bring-Your-Own-Infrastructure, SMAC (Social, Mobile, Business Analytics, and Cloud), and security.

Learning Outcomes

Candidates who register for the asynchronous online course may select at least 4 courses from the following (noting Courses 1 - 3 are required). Course 1: Building the Data/Analytics Organization This course addresses the organizational elements of the Data and Business Analytics (including cognitive computing and robotics process automation) functions by focusing on the management, structural/reporting, and human resource/skills considerations of data and business analytics. Course 2: Managing the Data Transformation This course addresses the business digital transformation underway that are being driven/enabled by the changes in design and management of data for business intelligence/business analytics (BI/BA) and cognition systems as enterprises evolve to leveraging Big Data (and Internet of Things). Course 3: Analytics, Applications & Techniques This course will focus on providing candidates with a well-grounded understanding and appreciation of the contemporary methods, tools and techniques used to make analytics an integral part of managerial decision making. It will concentrate on the approaches for realizing the hidden knowledge in corporate databases and will help participants make near-real time intelligent business and operation decisions. Select at least 1 Course from the following: I. Knowledge & Discovery Approaches This course follows the Analytics Applications and Techniques Course, and will focus on the hands-on application of data mining, text mining, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and big data products/tools/software in solving real world business and operational problems. II. Deploying Blockchain Technologies This foundational technical course will enable IT candidates to understand the essential concepts of the distributed ledger, relevant Blockchain terminology, real world Blockchain use cases, and technology management considerations for carrying out Blockchain projects. III. Deploying AI Technologies This foundational technical course will enable candidates to understand the essential concepts for implementing AI initiatives. Upon completion of this course candidates will be competent in Machine Learning concepts, AI Techniques, Cognitive Computing, and Deep Learning techniques using Python (the open-source software/programming library designed to conduct research and build solutions in machine learning and deep neural network structure; alternative programming languages/products will also be covered). IV. Deploying Robotics Process Automation Technologies (also consider courses from the Business Process Management Certificate) The purpose of this course is to prepare IT professionals, including business analysts, business intelligence developers, data or solutions architects, and system integrators, with the current and emerging tools and practices, to ensure successful RPA deployment across the enterprise. Candidates will be primed to create and launch a RPA implementation plan for their organization.

Who Should Attend

IT and non-IT executives (current & emerging) looking to prepare for the digital transformation.

Prerequisites & Requirements

CANDIDATES SHOULD: (a) have completed the course The Essentials of Data Management or have the equivalent experience prior to taking courses in this certificate. (b) also consider courses from the following Certificates: - Managing Data as an Asset - IT in Industry - IT Security Management - IT in Marketing Certificate


Each online course has a final exam comprised of attaining at least 70% from 50 multiple choice questions taken after completing the online lectures. After successful completion of this program, candidates will also receive ICCP Certification. FAQs for individuals can be found via


Course Provider

GIIM - Global Institute for IT Management