Length: 8 weeks
Effort: 1–2 hours per week
Level: Introductory

Institution: StandfordOnline

This course was developed to provide a foundation of disaster medicine knowledge that every health care provider who responds to a disaster should know. This course was developed through SEMPER, Stanford Emergency Medicine Program for Emergency Response.

This course sets the foundation for SEMPER members' disaster knowledge, which will be supplemented by in-person lectures as well as field exercises.

What you'll learn

Disaster Medicine Training is a self paced-course, featuring video lectures with questions and case scenarios following each module. You will take an overall pre-test before you start the course and a post-test after you complete all the modules. A score of 80% or higher on your post-test will earn you a Statement of Accomplishment.

Founded in 2010, Stanford Emergency Medicine Program for Emergency Response (SEMPER) has provided aid and care to thousands around the world, aiding relief efforts, training leaders, and developing new research to end human suffering.

No prerequisites are required for this course.