Essentials of Program Strategy and Evaluation @ Stanford University

Online Course (self-paced)
Poverty & Wealth Distribution Fundraising & Charity Management

Price: Free

Length: 4 weeks
Effort: 5–10 hours per week
Level: Introductory

This course introduces the strategic framework that underlies any social program--whether concerned with health, education, drug abuse, or the environment-- offered by a non-profit organization or government agency.

The course will take you through the essentials of nonprofit and philanthropy strategy. 

You will apply the basic elements of strategic planning from defining the problem through designing a theory of change to evaluating outcomes to real-world problems.

What you'll learn

You will be able to develop strategies that will inform your work as a nonprofit leader, philanthropist, or policy maker, and help ensure that you achieve demonstrable long-term impact, rather than the illusion of results.

Course Provider

edX (Global)

Course Provider

edX (Global)

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