GAS and LNG INDIA Conference is an annual event in the energy industry covering the hottest topics and key issues of Gas and LNG projects in INDIA.

The Conference is designed for those who want to share their technologies and innovations with industry professionals and keep on top of up-and-coming tendencies of the market; for companies with great experience in the global GAS and LNG market, and for those who are about to make their first steps in the industry. It is a significant event that will gather global LNG industry leaders, leading experts, industry professionals, engineers, suppliers, and participants of the whole GAS and LNG value chain in order to interact, present innovations, find new leads and partnerships, and build a future development of this energy sector of INDIA.



15th of February, 2023, the event will include a technical visit to one of the investment Gas projects in INDIA.


16th and 17th of February, 2023, a two day business program. 8 sessions, 50+ presentations about the most innovative and efficient technologies for the GAS and LNG industry where speakers will share their experience and knowledge.


Smart working space for networking and interaction. Strong focus on your equipment, technologies, or solutions. Organization of business negotiations and One-on-One meetings with decision-makers for all our Exhibitors and Sponsors.