Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism and Hospitality @ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Online Course (self-paced)
Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Facility Management

Price: Free

Length: 8 weeks
Effort: 6–8 hours per week
Level: Intermediate

Learn about information and communication technologies (ICTs) and innovations in the hotel and tourism industries.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the strategic applications of ICT (information and communication technologies) innovations in the hospitality and tourism industry.

You will learn about the roles of ICT infrastructures and tools in shaping business environment, business models, marketing practices, revenue strategies, and customer services.

We will also discuss the dynamics that is generated in the development of ICTs and its impact on hospitality and tourism organizations.

What you'll learn

  • Develop a holistic view of the various knowledge and theories of ICT and innovation management applicable to the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Appraise, analyze and evaluate the general impact and applications of ICTs on various sectors in the hospitality and tourism industry
  • Critically assess the relationship between the hospitality and tourism industry and its technological macro-environment
  • Identify and provide leadership at work in relation to information, technology and innovation management
  • Evaluate and implement appropriate ICT and innovation management theories to support hospitality and tourism organizations in enhancing their business
  • Communicate and react proactively to industry stakeholders including staff, travelers, government and commercial organizations in the area of ICTs and innovation
  • Understand the application of big data analytics for better decision-making in the context of hospitality and tourism industry.


Learners need to have hospitality and tourism related experiences.

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