International Conference on Recycling and Waste Management (Recycling Conference 2020)

Waste Management & Resource Recovery; Sustainability & Recycling

Address: Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Date: 20 to 21 Jul '20
Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm
CPD/CME/CEU: 187497
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Recycling Conference 2020 aims to bring together leading Prestigious Academics, Counselors, Recycling Experts, Environmental Scientists, Marine biologist, Oceanographer, Ecologists, Chemical researchers, Environmental engineers, Waste management researchers, Business entrepreneurs, Research scientists, Self-help group facilitators, Social workers, Teachers, Business delegates and Young researchers to gain and share about their experiences and research results aspects of Recycling and waste Management. We are truly honored to welcome world-renowned faculty to innovate, educate & investigate our attendees.

This international meeting gives the chance to Recycling Experts, Environmental Scientists, Young researchers, specialists and analysts all over the world to gather and take in the most recent advances in the field of Recycling and Waste Management and to trade different thoughts and experience.

  • 2 days of scientific exchange
  • 100+ abstracts submitted
  • 20+ scientific sessions
  • 50+ worldwide professionals

Recycling Conference is the yearly assemble uninterrupted with the help of the Organizing Committee Members and every single person from the Editorial Board of the supporting Recycling and Waste Management related journals.

Why to attend?

Recycling Conference 2020 is depending upon to give young researchers and scientists a platform to present their rebellion in the field of Recycling and Waste Management. This conference invites Presidents, CEO's, Delegates and present-day specialists from the field of Recycling and Public wellbeing and other relevant organization positions to take an interest in this session, Back to Back get together and board orates.

Key Themes & Topics

  • Track 1: Recycling- Reduce, Reuse and Recovery 
  • Track 2: E-waste recycling and management 
  • Track 3: Recycling codes 
  • Track 4: Environmental impact 
  • Track 5: Bioremediation 
  • Track 6: Environmental Chemistry 
  • Track 7: Marine Plastic Pollution 
  • Track 8: Biofuels 
  • Track 9: Waste to Energy 
  • Track 10: Green technology 
  • Track 11: Agriculture Waste Recycling 
  • Track 12: Waste Management Techniques 
  • Track 13: Solid Waste Management 
  • Track 14: Wastewater Recycling 
  • Track 15: Plastic Recycling 
  • Track 16: Paper Recycling 
  • Track 17: Industrial Waste Recycling 
  • Track 18: Chemical Waste Recycling 
  • Track 19: Food Waste Recycling 
  • Track 20: Rubber Recycling 
  • Track 21: Recycling Market 
  • Track 22: Thermal Waste Recovery 
  • Track 23: Construction Waste Management 
  • Track 24: Textile Recycling 
  • Track 25: Glass Recycling 
  • Track 26: Home Waste Management 
  • Track 27: Metal Recycling 
  • Track 28: Renewable Energy 
  • Track 29: Recycling: Eco-Balance 
  • Track 30: Effect Of 3Rs On Climate Change 
  • Track 31: Recycling: Pollution Control


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Basak K Taseli

Giresun University Turkey

Dennis Victor

Alumnus of University Malaya Malaysia

Divya Rajasekaran

Indian Institute of Technology India

Kristina Siig

University of Southern Denmark

M. A. Martin-Luengo

Institute of Materials Science of Madrid, CSIC Spain

Merja H. Kontro

University of Helsinki Finland

Miguel Lomba Huguet

Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE)


Ruy K Anaya de la Rosa

Starfish Initiatives Australia

Sampriti Kataki

Tezpur University India

Slawomir Jablonski

Politechnika Wroclawska Poland

Takashi Nakamura

Tohoku Unversity Japan

Yoram Krozer

University of Twente - CSTM Netherlands




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James Wilson

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