Length: 3 Weeks
Effort: 4-6 hours per week
Level: Introductory

Power Searching With Google makes it amazingly easy to find information. Learn about the powerful advanced tools that are on the Internet to help you become an advanced power searcher and find just the right information when the stakes are high.

Get the most out of your search engine skills! While searching on the Internet is easy and fast, it's not intuitive or straightforward. 

This course, Power Searching With Google, covers everything you need to know to become a power searcher, someone who can find information quickly, effectively and accurately. 

This course will cover everything from search basics (how to make an effective query), up through advanced search tips and search feature methods (using operators like intext: filetype: and site: to narrow your search), along with ways to determine if what you're finding is credible. 

Each unit covers a fundamental aspect of online search, teaching you to be more guided and precise in your online research. 

Your instructor, Daniel Russell, has been on the inside of the Google Search engineering team since 2005. His research on how people use online search tools to find what they seek gets translated into effective tips and tricks everyone should know.

What you'll learn

  • How to create an effective query,  including how to choose the right keywords

  • The inside story of how Google creates its index and serves up good results to your query

  • How to use all of the advanced operators, , including how to read the inside of a URL to your advantage

  • How to determine if a site is credible or not

  • Ways to use image searches to find examples of things you need (in ways you haven’t heard about)

  • How to use Google Scholar, the repository of peer-reviewed scholarly information

  • How to use Google Books for more than extracting a quote from a famous author