Site Planning Online @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Online Course (self-paced)
Architecture Population Growth & Urbanization

Price: Free

Length: 10 weeks
Effort: 4–6 hours per week
Level: Intermediate

How to plan a site, its infrastructure and public spaces so that it is sustainable, supports human needs, compatible with its natural and man-made surroundings, adaptable and economically efficient.

Cities are built site by site. Site planning has been taught in urban planning, landscape architecture and architecture programs for over a century and continues to be a foundation course for those who aspire to plan the built environment. It is a required subject on licensing and certification programs for each of these disciplines.

Mastering the art of site planning requires substantive knowledge, well-honed design skills, and familiarity with examples and prototypes of site organization.

This course provides the perspectives of leading academics and practitioners on the important issues in preparing site plans. It offers a foundation of knowledge, and the opportunity to apply what is learned in preparing a site plan.

What you'll learn

  • How to analyze a site and imagine the possibilities for its use.
  • How to create a program and a plan for a site.
  • How to make choices about site infrastructure.
  • Examples of well planned sites.


No prerequisities, but basic understanding of land and building form would be helpful.

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