The 2nd Asia Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Summit 2019

Logistics & Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (MI)

Address: Singapore, Singapore City
Date: 13 to 14 Jun '19

With enterprise digital transformation upon us, emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, IoT are enabling and accelerating the digital transformation of supply chains with the promise of greater customer-centricity, agility and efficiency gains.

However, the real challenge lies not in understanding what technologies are available, but rather on how organisations can successfully implement and integrate the technologies to drive intelligent supply chain for improved visibility and value creation.

The Asia Smart Supply Chain and Logistics Summit will share cases on how Asia’s supply chain leaders are developing their intelligent supply chain roadmap from such key points:

- End to End Synchronization
- Real-Time Forecasting and Planning
- Control Tower 4.0
- Intelligent Scheduling (Algorithm and Optimization)
- Intelligent Manufacuring Supply Chain
- Warehouse Automation

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Key Themes & Topics

1. The Future is Now-Smart Supply Chain Revolution

2. End-to-End Supply Chain Connectivity and Integration

3. Connecting to a Real-time Network. The First Step to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

4. Create Real Time Pull-Customer Demand Triggered Order and Forecast

5. Establish End-to-end Transportation Visibility and Control Tower to Enhance Intelligent Logistics

Who Should Attend

- President
- Vice President
- Manager of Supply Chain/ Logistics
- Manufacturing Director/Manager
- Plant Director/Manager
- Manager of Procurement/Purchase
- Warehouse Director/Manager
- Demand Planning Director/Manager
- S&OP Director/Manger
- Process Director/Manager
- Site IT Manager
- Project Director/Manager
- Distribution Manager
- Transportation Manager
- Inventory Manager

- Food and Beverage
- Clothing & Shoes
- Luxury Goods
- Cosmetics
- Supermarkets
- Household Electrical Appliances
- Logistics &Supply Chain
- Medical Instruments
- Chemical
- Pharmacy
- Automobile
- Intelligent Equipment Supplier
- Consulting Firm
- Software Company




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