Length: 5 weeks
Effort: 2–5 hours per week
Level: Intermediate

Learn why we need to clean up our power supply, and why is it urgent that we take action now. Gain the tools you need to present arguments in favour of a cleaner power sector in your part of the world

This course looks at how increasing greenhouse gases are warming the climate and what it means to decarbonise - reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of - the power sector. 
It will also provide a range of arguments in favour of decarbonisation, including consideration of access to a secure and affordable energy supply and improvements to health and the environment. 

This course gathers together information about these different motivating factors for building a lower carbon power sector in one place, and includes a careful consideration of the importance of the political context. 

This course will challenge you to critically analyse your own political context. We would welcome advisors to senior decision makers in government, civil society activists and others interested in understanding and promoting renewable electricity to take this course. 

This course will help you develop a better understanding of the different dimensions of a move towards a cleaner power sector and develop more nuanced and detailed arguments.

What you'll learn

  • Improved understanding of the key drivers behind decarbonising the economy in general and the power sector in particular; including an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of action.

  • Empowerment to make decisions and develop policies that deliver a low-carbon power system that is relevant to their local context.

  • Enabling presentation of the arguments in favour of their approach confidently, and relevant to their local circumstances.

  • Preparation for a more detailed course on the policies needed to support a low-carbon power sector.