Find out the major piracy incidents in the Gulf of Guinea and the emerging counter-piracy plans and operations

Following the grand success of the first two editions, the 3rd International Maritime Defense Exhibition and Conference (IMDEC) is scheduled to take place on 12- 13 July 2023, Accra, Ghana. IMDEC will feature the largest gathering of Africa’s maritime industry, as we host regional and international Chiefs of Naval Staff to address the principal issues facing maritime security on the continent. This biennial gathering will feature a notable two-day conference and exhibition in which the gathered regional Naval Forces and relevant stakeholders will deliberate the increasingly volatile maritime threats facing Africa’s territorial waters and its blue economy. IMDEC 2023 will showcase the latest technologies in maritime security and strong resolutions and recommendations to surmount the daunting maritime challenges confronting Africa’s blue economy.

Hosted at the Burma Hall in Ghana Armed Forces Headquarters, IMDEC 2023 massive exhibition will host solutions from across the globe to help maritime and naval industries find appropriate solutions to their challenges and threats and discover the new technologies to better fight against and curb illicit activities at sea.



These tours of Ghana’s Naval base will consist of in-depth walk-throughs of the naval dockyard and air base as well as private vessel tours to further display the advanced capabilities of Ghana’s Naval fleet. This is a key opportunity for solution providers to gain first-hand knowledge and share their product offerings.


On July 11th, we will host an exclusive dinner for only the VIP attendees of IMDEC. This will include the gathered Chiefs of Navies as well as prominent dignitaries from Ghana’s Armed Forces and Political Leadership.


On July 12th, after the first day of the conference, we will host a cocktail reception for all attendees of IMDEC to further facilitate networking amongst the event’s prominent stakeholders.


PREMIER GATHERING of Africa’s maritime stakeholders

FOSTERING REGIONAL INTERAGENCY collaboration to stabilize maritime security and economic development.

WITNESS AN EXECUTIVE GATHERING of 15+ Chiefs of Naval and Air staff addressing the regions key maritime requirements.

PROVIDING A FRAMEWORK for facilitating joint-operations to boost naval capabilities and protecting regional waters.

DEEPEN STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS amongst International and Regional Navies to develop cooperative solutions.