Experience the forefront of green chemistry, renewable energy, and sustainability at the prestigious 4th Edition of the International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy (GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024) hosted by Magnus Group. This premier academic and industrial forum, to be held virtually with the option for face-to-face attendance in Paris, France from June 17-19, 2024, is dedicated to advancing a sustainable future.

 With the theme "Extending the Horizons in Green Chemistry for a Sustainable Future," GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024 addresses the crucial need for transformation in the chemical industry. Explore groundbreaking research, real-world applications, and industry-oriented processes alongside renowned experts, including keynote speakers, through a diverse program featuring oral presentations, poster sessions, technical sessions, and discussion forums.

Join a global community of academicians, scientists, researchers, engineers, environmentalists, and industrialists to discuss challenges, share proposals, and showcase solutions in green chemistry and renewable energy. Emphasizing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024 offers an unparalleled platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the exchange of ideas to shape a sustainable and prosperous future. Register now and embrace the opportunity to contribute to this transformative conference.