More than just an approach to digital technologies, Pharma 4.0 is also a means of transforming the manufacturing workforce. From connecting workers to more human-centric workflows, to shifts in company culture, humans are at the core of Pharma 4.0. Likewise, ongoing changes in the life-sciences industry are urging to make continuous changes in operating models.

Leveraging the data that is already there goes a long way in driving continuous innovation and profitability. Ensuring supply chain reliability and efficiency helps organizations take advantage of modular and scalable solutions helping them to integrate, operate, and audit easily.

Conferenzia World’s Pharma 4.0 – Digitalization and Transformation Summit 2022 will bring together the industry leaders and experts in a single platform to address the key issues, share strategies, and discuss innovative solutions.

Join us to learn from a great combination of experts from the industry through interactive case study presentations, fireside chats, expert talks, panel discussions and astounding masterclasses.

We look forward to meeting you in this exclusive forum in May 2022!