The 6th Meta Cinema Forum solidified its position as the premier cinema convention for emerging markets. This milestone event brought together an extensive array of cinema stakeholders from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the CIS region, fostering collaboration and exchange on a global scale. With an ever-growing scope, the forum has evolved to encompass more regions, projects, and partners, making it the single most crucial regional gathering for the cinema sector.

The Forum showcased a multifaceted program, including a dynamic conference program and tradeshow floor, where industry players could explore the latest innovations and technologies. The conference provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions, while product presentations and slates offered a glimpse into the future of cinema. Special screenings and movie premieres added an element of excitement, highlighting groundbreaking content. The Forum’s workshops and masterclasses provided valuable insights and skills development, enhancing the professional growth of attendees. The event also featured a glamorous Awards Ceremony, recognizing excellence in the industry. Furthermore, post-event receptions provided a vibrant backdrop for casual networking, creating an environment conducive to collaboration and relationship-building among stakeholders.

With its comprehensive array of activities, the 6th Meta Cinema Forum not only celebrated the achievements of the industry but also set the stage for future advancements and collaborations and facilitated meaningful discussions and strategic partnerships, making the event a pivotal moment in the global cinema landscape.


✔️ Convention/Tradeshow Floor
✔️ Conference
✔️ Product Presentations Slates
✔️ Special Screenings Premieres
✔️ Workshops/Masterclasses
✔️ Receptions Networking Activities
✔️ Dedicated Meeting Area