Join us and global executives as we return for our 9th FUTURE Workplaces Summit in Berlin, Germany on November 7th - 8th. The ninth edition will delve into the impact of technology and automation on workplace dynamics, the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work models, strategies for promoting employee well-being and mental health, developing next-generation workplace experience initiatives, fostering diversity and inclusion, integrating sustainability into workplace design, and enhancing organizational culture to navigate through change effectively.

This hybrid event will bring together workplace professionals, corporate real estate experts, architects, designers, facility managers, top technology providers and other industry professionals from global brands to share new perspectives on the latest smart office tools, new workplace design trends, space planning and employee efficiency practices in the digital age. Leading professionals from global brands will be in attendance to exchange knowledge and provide valuable insights on the best practices on how to transform workplaces, reach companies’ strategic goals and improve employee experience.

Join us and global executives for two exciting days filled with workshops, networking, knowledge sharing and discussions on strategies shaping the future of work.

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