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Address: Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile, Av. El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Date: 27 to 28 Nov '19
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Join the Fintech, Banking and Financial Services digital transformation leaders around the Americas and join the digital banking and fintech ecosystem to share experiences and trends in: 1. PAYMENT PLATAFORMS: - What new technologies are transforming the way to transfer money and do payments? - Digital Wallets, P2P, B2B Payments systems. 2. DIGITAL BANKING AND PERSONAL FINANCE - How are the APIs reinventing financial services? - Mobile first banking? Mobile first costumer? 3. CYBERSECURITY AND FRAUD - Main threat in cybersecurity in financial services towards 2020? - What emerging technologies can help us to prevent frauds? 4. DIGITAL MARKETING AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX). - What are the best practices, technologies and tactics to capture, nurture, convert and retain customers in digital banking and financial services? - Uncover how banks, insurance companies, financial services organizations are using CRM, Big Data, UX, AI, CRM + Social to deliver automated and personalized digital financial products to end customers. 5. BLOCKCHAIN - How blockchain will shape the future of financial services? - Is blockchain the main solution to internet biggest problems? 6. REGULATION - How regulation must update allowing innovation in Financial Services, but in the same time protect the users.

Key Themes & Topics

1. Transition toward a Digital Banking: The regulator point of view. 2. Scopes and Advantages of Open Banking & APIs. Use cases in Latin America 3. Digital transformation in the payment industry. From transactions to human interactions. 4. Digital Identity. How can we identify unequivocally to online users when they access to online transactions and payments? How give solution to the > US$ 50 billion that are stolen due to identity usurpation? How give access to >20 % of population that lack of identity documentation? 5. New business models in Credit cards? How to unlock the credit potential of people through #IA #Blockchain #BigData? 6. Case Analysis of Cognitive Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics used in customer profiling to increase productivity in financial services. 7. Challenges and technical considerations in IT Security in Mobile Banking. 8. The latest developments in mobile payments, digital wallets, highlighting partnerships with Telcos Operators and key players in the Fintech ecosystem. 9. Advances in Payment Technology: IoT Payments, Mobile Sales Points, B2B Digital Payments. Uberization of payments. 10. Main trends for Digital Banking towards 2025 11. API´s Strategies as Digital Enabler. 12. Successful implementation of Blockchain in financial services institutions in Latin America. Why BLOCKCHAIN will become fundamental for all companies? 13. The Universal Hub of Payments facing the challenges of 100 % Digital Banking. 14. Digital Transformation Panel CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CISOs Banking, challenges and opportunities in the Digital Age: Development Strategy of Traditional Banks toward the digital transformation in Latam. (Santander, BBVA, Scotiabank, Citibank). 15. e-Money evolution in Latin America. 16. Monetize and protect your banking website traffic through segmentation, Big Data profiling and fraud prevention. 17. Transforming the Payment Ecosystem: Fintech Innovation thanks to Partnerships in Latin America. 18. Challenges and opportunities in digital transformation as a Bank? In search of a balanced, real and effective digital evolution in financial services. 19. Application of mobile technologies and innovation to improve the customer experience in financial services. 20. AI, Voice and personalization of daily financial management services. How AI, Voice technology, machine learning opens the opportunity to new models of channels and customer service in banking, insurance and the financial industry? End of Call Centers? 21. Accelerating financial inclusion: Generation of a high impact banking inclusion model through digital technologies. 22. Opportunities to migrate Banking processes to the Cloud. 23. How to create a 100 % mobile banking? The case of N26 (Germany) the first 100 % mobile banking globally.

Learning Outcomes

• C-Level Digital Banking & Fintech Forum you will learn about the applications of the Blockchain technology, its impact on banking transformation, challenges in IT security, mobile banking, new digital payment systems, IA applied to financial services, the impact of social networks in banking. • You and your team will share experiences with the main Fintech companies that provide cutting-edge solutions to banks and financial institutions in Latin America, USA, and Europe, discovering success stories to apply in your organization. • Observe new rules, a new game, new technologies, new suppliers, new players, new consumers, technological innovations and new business models that are challenging and transforming digital banking. • Fintech Innovation, Digital Payments, AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Mobile, Cloud, Social, e-Commerce and its impact on digital banking, insurance and financial services. • You will talk with CEOs, CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, CMOs, and C-level executives from the banking sector, fintech and international experts on how to face these challenges to evolve towards a digital banking that satisfies consumer demand.


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Alberto Schilling

Banco BICE

Gerente General

Andres Araya


Bolsa de Comercio Santiago

Arnoldo J. Reyes

VISA, VP de Alianzas Digitales,

Fintech y Visa Ventures para América Latina y el Caribe

Devie Mohan


Iain Montgomery

Managing Director in Market Gravity,

at Deloitte company

Juan Bello

VP Digital Solutions


Juan Pablo González

Presidente Moneta Technologies

Luis Figueroa

Intendente de Regulación,

Superintendencia de Bancos e Instituciones Financieras (SBIF)

Mario Vargas

Director Business Development & Strategy


Mauro Guaraciaba

DXC Technology,

Director Ejecutivo Industria de Finanzas

Patricio Fuentes


Gerente de Sistemas Financieros

Phillipe Soeters

Digital Leader at Deloitte Chile

Rodrigo Orellana

Director Digital Marketing


Rodrigo Santiago de la Torre

Head of Digital Latin America


Sebastián Cantuarias

Fundación Dinero y Conciencia,

Director Ejecutivo


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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile

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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile


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