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Address: Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile, Av. El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Date: 27 to 28 Nov '19
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Join + 5000 C-Levels (CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CIOs, CDOs, CISOs) from the 1000 biggest corporations around Latin America; Telcos, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Services, Industries, Mining, Health, Education, Tourism, Media, Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities that come to America Digital Congress for share experiences, capture latest trends and technologies to improve their business. Who will lead the #DigitalTransformation? CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs or CDOs? Come and find insights about: - How to apply IA, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, IOT to your business? - How to implement Digital Transformation in business processes? - Enterprise mobility? How to achieve it? Why is important? - IT and Mobile Security Challenges. - How to capture and retain talent in the digital age? - Innovation, Digital Transformation and Business Models. - Cultural to change to achieve digital transformation? - What other companies are doing in Digital? - E-Commerce, Omni channel and e-Logistic. - Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, CRM + Social Selling.

Key Themes & Topics

1. The future belongs to Intelligent companies. How do transform your organization in an intelligent – data – driven organization? 2. Artificial Intelligence applied to customer satisfaction. How do keep relevance in the Omni channel era? 3. How do Innovate integrating cognitive intelligence, Analytics, IOT to exceed user expectations and increase value proposal? 4. How do you identify one Project of digital transformation with high throughput impact and fast implementation timing in your organization? 5. The N° 1 problem facing CEOs regarding digital transformation. 6. The Netflix case: lessons learned to create a digital culture. 7. Ransomwares: Strategies used by hackers and the new era of personalized malwares. How do protect your data and the data of your clients? 8. Latest trends and Solutions in Cybersecurity. How to prevent Cyberattacks in a mobile and device connected era. 9. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Practical application to improve business processes. 10. The Science of Data Visualization to make business decisions. 11. Enterprise Mobility Management. 12. Success cases of Cloud migration to optimize 10x business processes in Corporations in Latin America. 13. The role of CIOs-CDOs in business transformation. Practical cases about how CIOs, CDOs have applied Big Data, Analytics to transform their business in industries as Retail, Services, Banking, Insurance, Tourism. 14. Use cases of Latin American Companies that have incorporated AI, Big Data, IOT, Cloud to transform business process, decrease cost and improve productivity. 15. CDOs-CIOs Panel about digital transformation challenges and plans for 2025. (Unilever, Latam Airlines, Wal-Mart, Falabella, Cencosud) 16. Strategies, tactics, insights to design online publicity campaigns in Facebook with focus in conversion and sales. 17. How to deliver personalized digital marketing experiences to increase your sales pipeline? 18. The role of social media in the digital transformation age. 19. CMO, how human is your Brand? Be human first in a digital world. Along with CMOs from the biggest global brands we will discuss about creativity, technology and the way to do marketing (Coca Cola, Nestlé, Unilever, Falabella). 20. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications in the Retail and Entertaiment Industries. 21. Social Selling methodology to increase > 20 % your B2B sales. 22. Blockchain and AI applied to innovation in logistic for e-Commerces. (Correos de Chile, DHL, TNT, Alibaba, Amazon) 23. How to use Amazon and Alibaba to maximize exports for your e-Commerce? 24. Next generation of e-Commerce? What is next? Conversational e-Commerce: Payment Technologies integration, chat bots, virtual assistants to create personalized e-Commerce experiences.


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Alex Barrera



Ángel León


Specialist Solution Architect para el sector público

Cecilia Pastorino

Security Reasercher en ESET


Chester Wisniewski

Principal Research Scientist in the Office of the CTO


Christian Sfeir

Microsoft, Cloud Director

Azure & Office 365 Director

Darren Pulsipher

Chief Enterprise Solution Architect


Edgar Matamoros



Flávio Bolieiro

MicroStrategy, VP LATAM

Gonzalo Larraín

Principal Financial Group, CIO

Greg Perotto

VP Global Marketing


Guilherme Duarte

Experto en Business Intelligence y Big Data


Guillermo Arduino

CNN Anchor

Israel Tavares

Director Latin America,


Jean Turgeon

Vicepresidente & CTO, SDx


Jeff Brown

WW Professional Services Lead at HP

Jeff Dolinar

SAP Marketing Cloud,

Global Market Development

John Hampton

Director Global Business Development


Mario Conde

Partner at Bain & Company

Head of Digital practice at Bain South America

Norberto Tomasini

Head of Digital


Ricardo Sandoval

Senior Latam Digital Transformation Sales Executive

Service Now

Ricardo Pardo

Softline Group,

UCaaS Director LATAM

Satish Pai

SVP, Americas (Communication Media & Entertainment)

Tech Mahindra


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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile

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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Chile


America Digital

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