Asia Shipping Decarbonization Summit 2024
Date: September 10-11
Place: Singapore
Organizer: ECV International
During the two-day summit, you will have the opportunity to listen to speeches by industry leaders, participate in panel discussions, and communicate face-to-face with delegates.
We provide two ways to participate: offline on-site participation and online live broadcast viewing.
Please contact as soon as possible to purchase tickets and lock in your place.
The shipping industry emits around 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Over the past decade, its emissions have risen 20% – a trajectory the world “simply cannot afford”. A just and equitable transition is necessary as the sector eyes a low-carbon future with sustained economic growth. 
ECV International is honored to host the "Asia Shipping Decarbonization Summit 2024". The summit unites key stakeholders from the maritime industry, shipping companies, ports, policy regulators, major industry suppliers and technology providers to address urgent issues such as green fuels markets, shipping & ports decarbonization practices, major supporting technologies and international and national policies. Among the key topics this year will be global regulations on sulfur limits & upcoming GHG emissions standards and major green practices and solutions of the whole supply chain players in Asia Pacific.
Six Hot Points
  • Accelerating Shipping Decarbonization through Policy Action
  • Pioneering Vessel Decarbonization
  • Lifecycle Assessment of a Ship
  • New Fuels for Shipping Decarbonization
  • Digitalization Collaboration for Sustainability
  • Green Steel
15+ Proposed Topics
  • Current Maritime Policies Impacting Ports and Shipping Operations in Asia
  • Decarbonization Efforts of the Port of Singapore
  • Latest Environmental Legislation of Shipping in Asia
  • Green Shipping Transition in Practice
  • Unlocking the Potential of New Fuels for Shipping Decarbonization
  • BioLNG and E-LNG : The efficient pathway to NetZero Goal
  • Reduce GHG Emissions from Ship in Cost-effective Ways in APAC
  • Advanced Marine Propulsion System Enables the Future of Zero-carbon Shipping
  • Pave the Way to Net-zero Emissions by Vessel Hybrid System Architecture
  • CCS Project: Carbon Capture in Shipping Industry-Case Study
  • Maritime Transport in EU Emissions Trading System (ETS)
  • Decarbonization of Steel-Centric Value Chain Unleashes a New Path for Carbon Reduction in the Shipping Industry
  • ......
More 15+ Keynote Speakers from ACT Commodities、European Commission、FUELNG PTE. LTD、MAERSK、Wärtsilä Singapore......
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