Beyond training: Diagnosing problems with employee performance

Human Resources & Recruitment Management Consulting

Date: 26 Feb '21
Time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Price: Under 250 USD$

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Managers often confront problems with worker behavior or job performance. Yet solving those problems is not a topic in business education, and even MBA holders (and HR practitioners!) have not been given instruction on how to diagnose problems with human performance and how to find cost-effective solutions to those problems. Often managers, since they have not been properly trained, will confused symptoms and signs with root causes (example: “turnover is our problem!”—yet turnover is a symptom and not a root cause.) In this session, learn ways to separate symptoms from root causes and diagnose what causes problems with worker performance. Find ways to solve those problems.


Choosing the wrong solutions to human performance problems is the same as malpractice in medicine. If medical doctors treat the pain rather than the cause of the pain, they will be the focus of malpractice suits. But managers often mistake symptoms for root causes. The result is management malpractice. It can result in lawsuits for improper decisions about worker employment, engagement issues, turnover, and many other negative consequences. Avoid those problems by attending this workshop.


  • Terms and Concepts
  • The Importance of Diagnosing Worker Performance Problems
  • Describing and Applying a Step-by-Step Model to Diagnose and Solve Worker Performance Problems


Any manager and those working in any industry will find this session useful. It can also be useful for HR practitioners/managers.


William J. Rothwell

William J. Rothwell, Ph.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CPLP Fellow is President of Rothwell and Associates, Inc., a full-service consulting company that specializes in succession planning. He is also a Professor of Learning and Performance in the Workforce Education and Development program, Department of Learning and Performance Systems, at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus.

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