Blockchain Economy Summit is the world's largest blockchain conference network bringing together the key players of crypto industry and experts to redefine the future of finance. The 8th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will take place during two days in Dubai on October 4-5, 2023 with the world's top crypto companies, blockchain entrepreneurs and AI innovators.

Today, UAE, specifically Dubai is gearing up to become a global crypto hub, also embracing the AI technologies to boost efficiency and implementation across public services. Thus, Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit will be the Main gathering in the region on behalf of the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency and AI technologies, with a wide range of topics focused on the revolutional technologies of the future, extensive networking opportunities and participation from more than 85 countries.


The Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit actively encourages inclusive and thorough exploration of the potential synergies between Blockchain, AI, cryptocurrencies, seamless payments, Metaverse, Web3, DAOs, DeFi, and NFTs through insightful discussions by hosting a wide variety of industry leaders. This summit serves as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the successful implementation of these transformative technologies, ultimately driving their adoption and integration into the global economy.

By uniting the power of blockchain and AI, the summit participants aim to unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency, and create sustainable economic growth in Dubai and beyond.


Game Show Crypto is the first and biggest gaming & crypto-related computer and video games consumer exhibition. Due to the intense participation and high demands of gaming companies in our Blockchain Economy event in the last 5 years we have included the Game Show & Crypto fair in our event.

Key products of the event: play to earn games, indie games, computer games, console games, handheld console games, mobile games, metaverse games and all other electronic entertainment software and hardware.

Expose Your Game Brand to the Crypto Community at the Largest Blockchain Conference Of The World

With over 3,000 attendees in our eighth edition, we allow your business to win over thousands of gamers and bitcoins in 2023!

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