China Pharma R&D and Clinical Management Digital Innovation Summit

Conference / Summit (onsite & online)
Pharmaceuticals Research & Development (R&D)

Address: Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Date: 08 to 09 Jul '21

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Drug development has always been the cornerstone of innovation and development. With the continuous liberalization of new drug research and development policies in recent years, clinical trials are particularly important in the process of new drug research and development- accounting for nearly 60% of the entire new drug development cost. How to actively explore and use new innovative methods to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and clinical development, and to increase the probability of new products being launched, is a common challenge faced by all pharmaceutical companies. In keeping with the market growth, the industry has continuously improved the standardization and efficiency requirements of drug R&D and clinical research.

The summit will take place both ONLINE and in-person and gather leaders in the pharmaceutical industry centering the hot topics: policy interpretation of drug R&D and clinical trials, new drug R&D digitalization, clinical trials digitalization, real-world data applications, external cooperation innovation, compliance management for drug R&D and clinical trials, etc. to discuss how to use digital technology to empower the industry and improve the quality and efficiency of drug R&D, clinical and medical research, and patient management.


  • Policies and Regulations of Pharmaceutical Innovation and R&hD
  • Decoding the New Version of GCP
  • AI Enables New Drug R&D
  • Explorations and Practices in Digital CRO Transformation
  • Intelligent Digital Clinical Trial Management Solutions
  • Real World Data Supports Critical Decision Making
  • Real World Data Advances Cancer Drug R&D and Precision Medicine


  • Ernst &Young
  • AstraZeneca
  • Eli Lilly
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • WuXi AppTec
  • GSK
  • Sanofi


  • Simultaneous interpretation device for 2-day conference
  • Brochure, recording materials
  • Two-day buffet lunch coupons, tea breaks and all refreshments provided by five-star hotels


Ciking Zhao

Tel: +86 21 8026 0707-803

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