Cybersecurity Compliance and Data Protection Practice Summit 2019

Cyber Security & Privacy; Security & Privacy Law

Address: Beijing, Beijing, China
Date: 14 to 15 Oct '19
Official Website:

Cybersecurity Compliance and Data Protection Practice Summit 2019 will gather 120+ cybersecurity law experts, cybersecurity technicists and enterprise legal affairs heads, to discuss the cybersecurity law, related legal frontier issues and some practical experience in different industries.

This summit will be an ideal platform for the industry experts to have an in-depth communication, and solve some problems. Moreover, you may find some business opportunities or potential business partners at this summit.


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Key Themes & Topics

China Cybersecurity Law (CCL) , Cyber Security Protection Scheme 2.0, Information Security Technology — Personal Information Security Specification and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are very important compliance for the companies operating in China.

These new laws bring many regularly and political risks to the companies. To the foreign companies who are operation in China, understanding of the regulations is a challenge. Besides that, how to transmit data across the board under that law is very important for doing business in China. It is necessary to take actions to assess the specific obligations under these laws, and reduce the compliance risks by some comprehensive approaches.

Learning Outcomes

1. Enterprises’ Cybersecurity Strategy in the Post GDPR Era

2. China Cybersecurity Law’s Impact on Enterprises’ Risk Management

3. Comprehensive Interpretation of New Classified Cyber Security Protection Scheme 2.0

4. Law Firms Support to Enterprise Cybersecurity and Comply with the Cybersecurity Compliance

5. Multi-national Firms’ Cybersecurity Compliance Practice and the Comply with China Cybersecurity Law

6. Pharmaceuticals Enterprise’s Strategies to Build and Execute an Effective Compliance System

7. Financial Industry Cybersecurity Compliance’s Influence Analysis

8. Evaluation of Data Protection’s Importance and Necessity in the Data Explosion Era

Who Should Attend

- President/VP/CEO
- Chief Risk Officer
- Chief Data Protection Officer
- Chief Privacy Officer
- Chief Information Security Officer
- General Counsel
- Corporate Legal Affairs Director
- IT Director
- Chief Engineer
- Director of Compliance
- Head of Cybersecurity Governance
- Technology Director
- Senior Expert
- Consultant

- Consultant Agency
- Law Firm
- Government Officials
- Financial Industry
- Banking
- Retailing
- Pharmaceuticals
- Internet Companies
- Solution Vendors
- Universities
- Manufacturing Companies
- Critical Information Infrastructure Operators/Providers
- Industrial Companies




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