Kinfos Events observed a deep surge of interest in ‘Digital Transformation’ in the banking sector, and launched a focused global conference series on ‘Digital Transformation for the Banking’ sector. It’s proudly organised in Europe, Asia Pacific and Americas.

Join our dedicated show to hear from 20+ thought provoking speakers (mostly from regional banks & selected FinTechs) and network live with up to 150+ qualified delegates.


The pandemic uncovered the significance of disruptive new technologies due to which the demand for digital services has skyrocketed. Evidently, going digital is a must to survive and strive in the foreseeable future. The banking industry is not insulated from this shift. Ever-growing velocity of tech innovations is isolating the leading banks from the laggards.

In order to remain relevant in the world that operates digitally, it has become imperative for today’s banks to beat competition by switching from their age-old legacy systems to more robust, efficient, and modernised platforms. Most of the leading banks are investing heavily in digital technologies (including AI, Automation, Cloud computing, Data Analytics, blockchains, DevOps and much more) to reap their benefits and stay competitive in the business but how does the smaller banks embrace this new shift.

Key Themes & Topics

  • Digital Transformation in Banking: Current state of play?

  • What are the Biggest Drivers of DX in Banking?

  • Is DX more of a Survival Strategy or futureproofing for banks?

  • How pandemic has catalysed the digitalisation?

  • Role of API and Open Banking in accelerating more tech adoption?

  • What are the Key barriers to wider adoption?
    • Cost of legacy modernization
    • Internal resistance to change
    • Cultural, Organizational and Operational Shift

  • Technologies which will be a ‘game changer’

  • Why DX is more than just technology?

  • Customer-centricity, Integration & Inclusivity

  • Need for Intuitive, Secure, Personalised, & Frictionless UXs

  • What challenges does Digital Transformation bring?

  • Financial Crime & Digital Transformation
    • AI, ML & Cybersecurity
    • Cloud and Data Transformation

  • Role of AI & Automation in accurate fraud detection & prevention

  • Will AI make the gender gap in the workplace harder to close?

  • Preparing the Next Gen Workforce

  • Rise of FinTech – Competition vs Collaboration models

  • Wil DX a panacea for banking in Americas?