Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group.

Within the framework of the UAE’s wise leadership’s vision to make the country and Dubai a preferred friendly destination for tourists and visitors with disabilities, Dubai is hosting the 2nd edition of Dubai Accessible Tourism International Summit.

The Summit aims to highlight the legislations, policies and requirements of tourists with disabilities, in addition to the challenges they face while travelling in relation to available infrastructures, transportation and communications means, education, medical tourism, banking services and qualified human resources capable of dealing with them, among other equally important related issues.

The Summit, which enjoys the participation of organisations, officials and international government officials and experts, aims also to strengthen the UAE’s efforts to make the country a preferred tourist destination for people with disabilities from all over the world, and for decision makers in the UAE to have the opportunity to be acquainted with best international practices in the field of tourism and services dedicated to people with disabilities. This will eventually serve the UAE national economy by attracting a new segment of tourists and visitors of more than 700 million people, 50 million of whom live in the Middle East.

Why Dubai Accessible Tourism  International Summit (DATIS) 2022?

Hosting the DATIS for the second time in Dubai makes sense given its amazing credentials in accessibility domain. The Emirate is steaming ahead to make itself a fully accessible destination by removing barriers and obstacles. It is modifying over a 1,000 existing buildings and hotels and over 100 kilometres of streets and road networks. Work is underway to achieve the goal of making Dubai – A City of Everyone.

This is being achieved as the UAE hosts the World Expo in Dubai from October 2021 for the first time in the MENASA, bringing millions of visitors during its six month’s run. Accessibility for the tourism industry is a golden opportunity to drive increased revenues. A combination of social imperative and economic opportunity.

DATIS will debate on Policy and Planning, Capacity Building, Information and Customer Service and Infrastructure and Facilities. Medical Tourism, Prejudices in Media, Use of Social Media and Lack of Information and the Future of Accessible Tourism will also be debated. Spread over several sessions and workshops, DATIS aims to become a sensible voice to better the tourism industry’s prospects.

Why you should not miss Dubai Accessible Tourism International Summit

  • Tourism for People of Determination is largely untapped despite vast technological advancements and innovations in the way they can explore the world

  • Assuming 15% of the world’s total 1.2 billion tourists faced with disabilities, it is huge potential market as they spend three times more than the normal tourists.

  • A platform with multi-dimensional benefits for your company/organisation to express/display strong association with People of Determination.

  • A wonderful opportunity to enhance your company/organisation’s share through reaching out to People with Disabilities.

  • Be seen as a company/organisation seen that strongly supports the governmental efforts to make life better for this segment of our society.

  • Meet government ministers, decision-makers, social influencers and other crucial market players for networking and professional benefits.

  • The summit takes forward the mission of enabling People with Disabilities enjoy the world of tourism, with the governments, tourism bodies, travel industry players, urban planners and others working in tandem.

  • The summit is a step towards moving further in determining what the people with disabilities requires.

  • Help the tourism industry to get the right strategies and programmes in place.

  • An ideal platform to know how technology and innovation are getting better to make the life easy and more accessible.

  • A timely platform to network and share strategies and experiences and understand the market needs and expectations.

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