Strong increase across the Middle East in the deployment of 5G, AI/ML cloud, big data, and IoT services together with strong Government support have been strong drivers for the growth of the United Arab Emirates data centre industry.  Further digital innovations such as Smart City investments are also driving the growth of digital infrastructure and networks.

Data growth and evolving digital innovations continue to disrupt enterprise on-prem. data centres and have driven migration from on-prem. into cloud, colocation of footprint as well as the deployment of facility management services. There is increase also in hybrid infrastructure and hybrid IT models.

Our 2024 one-day convention and networking event will attract key stakeholders including end users, service providers, operators, consultants and vendors from within the Middle East data centre & cloud ecosystem. We will look at the impact across the region of digital growth on the requirements for data centre and cloud, and both the challenges and the opportunities that current requirements represent for all stakeholders. So, please join us at the Dubai Cloud & Data Centre Convention 2024 for learning, debate, exposition, networking and the chance to engage with key thought leaders from the community, and beyond!