Expo 2020 Dubai is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration – the largest event ever staged in the Arab world – is set to welcome 190 participating countries, and millions of visitors from across the globe.

Here they will experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest, as well as the UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance and cooperation.

Expo 2020 Pavilions - The world in one place

Visit your favourite countries and discover new places you’ve never considered. It could change the way you see the world. 192 country pavilions featuring narratives from every corner of the globe. Venture through hundreds of pavilions, enjoy immersive cultural experiences and discover what makes each participating nation unique.

Expo 2020 Events

There’ll always be something to get excited about, with a jam-packed programme of live performances including world-famous stars, comedy greats, local talents and touring attractions. Participate in mindfulness sessions, extreme sports and everything in between.

You’ll be spoilt for choice – other fun ways to stay fit will include disability sports, and virtual and augmented reality activities. Digital theatre and dance routines, acrobats and poetry slams, fashion shows and roaming entertainers – enjoy cultural experiences from five continents that’ll excite your senses and touch your heart.

Key Stats

  • 173 Days
  • 7 days a week 
  • 1,000,000+ Visitors
  • 15+ Hours of Entertainment Daily 
  • 192 Country Pavilions
  • 200+ Restaurants
  • 60 Live Shows Daily