Technology has become an indispensable factor in the banking industry creating new opportunities to local talent and contributes to the region's financial landscape. 

Financial institutions in the last decade witnessed dramatic changes owing to high competition, evolving customer expectations, newer compliance regulations, and more. The Covid-19 outbreak has drastically accelerated SEA's shift to a cashless digital economy, with unprecedented growth in the number of e-payment transactions amid a sharp decrease in cash withdrawals and deposits.

Banking, digital payments, customer engagement and loan-financing services greatly propelled the economic wheel forward throughout the lockdown The fortune is smiling upon the finance sector even after the turbulences and uncertainties caused due to the pandemic, with the help of digital transformation, innovation, diversity, cooperation and sustainability.

This highly competitive sector is witnessing a large scale transformation into a more and more digitalized environment with digital currencies, artificial intelligence, Data analytics and cloud- based infrastructure. To contribute to this growth, authorities are adapting to the latest framework, rules and regulations, creating a friendly environment for investments in Fintech. The Future Digital Banking Summit SEA will bring together finance industry thought leaders, fintech entrepreneurs, investors, and Banking professional to exchange ideas on the best practices and essons-learned on the changing and developing mechanisms of the future. Globally acclaimed speakers will exchange ideas and experience on the adaptation strategies to the prominent digitalization trends of the 21st century.


  • Learn how to apply global best practices in BFSI and improvise on the same.

  • As FinTech industry continues to expand, so do the crucial topics of discussion.

  • Network with the industry leaders to understand how can your organization be better in the region.

  • Gain insights on latest technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and Process.

  • Automation offered for Banking and Financial Sector.

  • Celebrate Excellence with the world’s Best FSI Organisations.

  • Expand your network of potential clientele while demonstrating market leadership.

  • Explore employee engagement blueprint to enhance efficiency & consistent experiences.

  • Interactive Q&A sessions for the delegates to have better clarity on the Topic.

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