Transforming energy through vision, innovation and action

Gastech is the leading forum dedicated to steering the energy industry to a more sustainable future. We bring together the collective knowledge and expertise of strategic visionaries and technical experts to create a vision for lasting climate impact. This four-day global gathering will come at a critical time for the world’s leading energy professionals to collaborate, transform our energy system and advance the new global industrial age.

This year, Gastech is focused on taking decisive action to accelerate a shared, global vision for the energy industry in Houston, a city famed for solving some of the world’s toughest energy challenges.

Purposeful energy investment for tomorrow 

Our guiding principle is simple: uniting purposeful investments, transformative partnerships, and a cultivated energy ecosystem to affect demonstrable impact and change.

Technical innovation for impact

In the face of a pressing need for an accelerated energy transition, Gastech emerges as a transformative forum to steer the energy industry towards a more sustainable horizon. A meeting of strategic visionaries and technical experts, Gastech capitalizes on their shared vision to deliver lasting climate impact.

An international hub of energy commerce, cross-border innovation, and bilateral trade

The global energy trilemma cannot be addressed without committed cross-border collaboration - international partnerships and bilateral trade agreements are essential for us to move the dial.

With 20 international country pavilions and over 50,000 visitors, Gastech serves as a catalyst for transformative partnerships and close collaboration. It brings together individuals, companies, and countries to explore new markets and build the frameworks they need to forge cross-border partnerships and initiatives that have a tangible impact on the energy transition.

🔹50,000 Attendees 🔹800 Exhibitors 🔹20 International country pavilions

🔹1,500 Global Business Leaders 🔹1,000 Speakers 🔹5,000 Delegates 🔹125 Countries