Global Footwear Digital Transformation Summit 2019

Retail; Textile & Leather

Address: Golden Building 108 Hip icon, Room 1010-1012, Yujinggang road, Zhabei District, Shanghai
Date: 23 to 24 Sep '19
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DIGITAL MANUFACTURING - DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN - DIGITAL RETAIL The Global Footwear Digital Transformation Summit 2019 will bring together about 100+ footwear industry experts and senior executives to deeply analyze the development trend of digital transformation of footwear with a global view, and discuss footwear hot topics such as digital design and product innovation, digital manufacturing, shoe customization, additive manufacturing, smart stores, consumer interactive experience and footwear digital supply chain. In addition, this summit will provide a reference and industry exchange platform for the digital transformation of the global footwear market through keynote speeches, group discussions and other forms, combined with the digital case of the footwear industry, to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the global footwear industry and sustainable development.

Key Themes & Topics

Digital transformation is the radical transformation of a company's organization and business processes so that it can leverage emerging technologies to sustain growth. Like many other industries, digital transformation has become the new buzzword of the shoe industry, and the shoe market is facing a major transformation and upgrading of business operation mode and even organizational mode. How to make good use of new technologies such as big data, Internet of things and artificial intelligence to promote and realize digital transformation has become a key issue in the reform process of the shoe industry. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SUMMIT 1. State of Digital Transformation 2019: Emerging Technology and Business Models of Footwear Industry 2. The Evolution of China Consumer and How Digital Transformation Shifts Footwear Retail Market 3. How to Create Sustainable and Competitive Footwear Brand through Digital Product Innovation 4. Digital Design and Development Impels the Future of Footwear Industry 5. Automation and Digital Manufacturing Promoting Shoe Productivity 6. Future Factory: How Technology is Transforming Footwear Manufacturing 7. How Additive Manufacturing Accelerates Design Change and Shortens Product Development Calendar 8. Building Digital, Connected and In-demand Supply Chain for Footwear Industry 9. Exploring Footwear Material Procurement Based on Digital Driving 10. Innovation and Change of Footwear Warehousing and Logistics Management under the Background of Digital Transformation 11. 3D Printing Application in Footwear Industry and How to turn 3D Printing Into a Profitable Manufacturing Method for Footwear 12. Footwear Digital Retail Strategy Based on Big Data Analysis 13. Explore Store-based Digital Transformation of Footwear Enterprise

Who Should Attend

- President - CEO - Regional Directors - Manufacturing Vice President/Director - Marketing Vice President/Director - Technology Director - R&D Director - Quality Director - Business Development Director - International Sales - Director of Sustainable Development SECTORS - Footwear Manufacturer - New Shoes Material Supplier - Fellmonger - Chemical Fiber Shoes Materials Manufacturer - Shoes Making Machinery Manufacturer - Shoes Making Machine Spares Manufacturer - Distributor - Supplier - Logistics Operator - Consulting Company



Golden Building 108 Hip icon, Room 1010-1012


Golden Building 108 Hip icon, Room 1010-1012


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