Global Luxury Digital Innovation Summit 2019

Luxury Goods; E-Commerce & E-Business

Address: Paris, Paris, France
Date: 23 to 24 Oct '19
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The luxury goods industry has faced a number of changes over the past years. Currently, the rapid digitalization and ease of use of the digitalized platforms have led consumers to increasingly use social media tools to express their brand preferences. In order to engage with tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z consumers that seek greater value for money, more personalization, and integrated digital access, luxury brands are investing worldwide to market digitally, increasingly using social media to engage with these consumers.

Meanwhile, luxury brands rely more and more on digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, which are helping them in redesigning customer engagement techniques through data analytics, re-examining the value of brand heritage and brand history for their customers.

The summit will discuss hot points such as global luxury goods market digital trends, digital luxury marketing, consumers’ engagement and customer relationship lifecycle management, online-offline transformation and stores of the future, etc. to help luxury companies gain insights into digital opportunities.


Key Themes & Topics

- Global Luxury Goods Market Trends

- How Personalization and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming Luxury Retail Online

- Influencer Marketing on Social Media for Luxury Brands

- Global New Middle Class Luxury Consumers

- How to Engage with Gen Z Consumers on Social Media for Luxury Brands


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