Hands On Masterclass with The Industry 4.0 Originator

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML); Telecommunications

Address: Doha, Doha, Qatar
Date: 27 Nov '19
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GAIN EXCLUSIVE AND ACTIONABLE INSIGHT FROM THE "ORIGINATOR OF THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" Artificial Intelligence is what fire was for the caveman – it changes everything. The AI and 5G (r)evolution fundamentally alter every aspect of our life, our economy, the way we live, work, and how we relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. It is disrupting every industry and economy in every country. For the first time in Qatar, you can gain exclusive and actionable insight from the leading authority on strategy and competitiveness on: What AI and 5G and Industry 4.0 is, why it matters and where the strategic value is, and how to apply it to deliver business value. Discover the latest management practice and get an executive guide on how to grow, achieve competitiveness, operational excellence and save cost. Inspect the strategic options and define where and how to realize it in operational settings.


Key Themes & Topics

Artificial Intelligence and 5G are at the frontier of the 2nd wave of the 4th industrial revolution. It resets the competitive landscape in a scale never seen before with an unparalleled opportunity for growth and productivity.

Get an executive's guide on how blockchain as a platform can deliver business value in forms of enhancing automation, increase productivity, smart prediction, faster response time, zero scope of errors, real-time reaction, solve complex problems to name a few. It will set the path for new industries, smart products, services, and creates the next generation of operational excellence.

Join the Artificial Intelligence and 5G masterclass for his unique perspective and pioneering thinking on:

- Understand the underlying disruptive forces and drivers of the paradigm shift.

- Gain the latest insights in Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Industry 4.0:

- 1st wave (2009-2016): Digitalisation, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Robotics and Cloud Computing, 3D Printing and Augmented Reality

- 2nd wave (2016-2025): Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Automation, Future of Energy, 5G and 6G Communications and Autonomous Systems

- 3rd wave (2025 - ...): Cybersecurity, Quantum Technology, Neurotechnology, Nanotechnology, Bioinformatics and Advanced Material

- Understand the underlying disruptive forces and drivers of the paradigm shift

- Explore Artificial Intelligence and 5G opportunities and how to respond

- Discover the latest management principles, techniques and tools on how to apply it

- Outline your roadmap to deliver business value

- Identify where to transform and when to innovate

You will leave the Masterclass with an initial Artificial Intelligence and 5G roadmap and the knowledge of how to respond to the opportunities, and to detect where to transform and when to innovate.

Learning Outcomes

Henrik will share his exclusive insights on the impacts and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and 5G and also dedicate the majority of the masterclass to guiding you on how to apply the techniques to your own specific set of circumstances.

- The first Artificial Intelligence and 5G Masterclass in Qatar from the originator
- Discover how to apply Artificial Intelligence and 5G to deliver business value
- Navigate the challenges. Act on opportunities to grow, compete and perform
- Define you own Artificial Intelligence roadmap
- Explore the latest battle-tested management practices
- Become a certified Artificial Intelligence expert
- Get exclusive access to the originator

Who Should Attend

CEOs, COOs, CxOs, Entrepreneurs, Directors, Management and teams working on digital, industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and communication initiatives.



Henrik von Scheel

Originator, Industry 4.0


Headline Speaker








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