The Next Wave of HealthTech in the Kingdom

2 days summit in presence dedicated to HealthTech and the future of health that will take place in Riyadh will also be featuring the 21st Century’s latest innovations, trends & emerging technologies in the digital healthcare era. The expo is targeting medical and healthcare tech's brightest brains and thought leaders in the middle east and around the world.

Why you should be part of the Event!

HealthTech Innovation Summit & Expo, With 70+ exhibitors from 3000+ healthcare managers/executives, will showcase the latest healthcare innovations and technologies bringing together an equal opportunity event where the most promising entrepreneurs from around the world will pitch how their solutions will address current gaps and redefine healthcare to an audience of Investors over 2 nerve-wracking days!

The main benefits take away from the Forum:

➤  Gain insights and understanding of where the medical sector is heading in the near future.
➤  Meet and connect with industry peers to collaborate in future endeavors.
➤  Make partnerships and foster relationships for business opportunities.
➤  Learn from past experience, understand the current situation and challenges, and discuss future opportunities in the industry.
➤  Acquire new knowledge on how other organizations, governments, and healthcare providers are shaping their efforts for a connected future.
➤  See first-hand insights and case studies of how digital technologies and solutions evolved during and post the COVID19 pandemic.
➤  Gain valuable knowledge from healthcare professionals within certain aspects of their fields.
➤  Witness future digital technologies never seen before first-hand.


In addition to the Summit, there will be an expo where Companies, Organizations, Universities and Startups will be presenting their healthcare innovative related solutions, with a focus on Technology, Digital Transformation, Data Science, Innovative Medical Devices, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual and Augmented Reality among other topics.

Industry Sectors For Expo!

• HealthCare Service Providers
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medical Devices & Equipment Manufacturers
• Medical Insurance, Medical Services, and Managed Care