International Seminar of America Digital Congress

Big Data & Analytics; Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Address: Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago, Av. El Salto 5000, Huechuraba, Región Metropolitana, Chile
Date: 27 Nov '19
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Inspiration and future will be the base of the International Seminar of America Digital Congress, where best sellers authors, disruptive enterprise founders that had transformed the way we live and do business, global leaders, influencers and experts will inspire us with their experience and vision about the changes we should confront as executives, companies and society in the digital era to maintain our competitiveness.


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Key Themes & Topics

1. How to build a digital society? The case of e-Stonia.

2. Strategies and Methodologies to implement digital transformation in your organization.

3. Steps and examples to become a Data-Driven company and achieve business results in a digital economy.

4. Blockchain, disruption of the disruption, Airbnb without Airbnb, Facebook without Facebook, Uber without Uber. Applications in Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Transport, Logistic, Energy, Smart Cities and Governments.

5. Building the #5G economy integrated with #IOT #IA. Transforming cities, industries and the society.


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Jason maynard
Jason Maynard


Zendesk Guide & Data Products en Zendesk

Mario conde
Mario Conde

Partner at Bain & Company |

Head of Digital practice at Bain South America

Mark jamison
Mark Jamison

VP & Global Innovation Head


Marten kaevats
Marten Kaevats

National Digital Advisor

The Government Office of Estonia

Sabrina munoz
Sabrina Muñoz


Head of Big Data for Business Development & Presales HispAm Region

Soledad onetto web
Soledad Onetto

Periodista y conductora de Televisión


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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago
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Espacio Riesco Convention Center - Santiago
Espacio riesco 1


America digital 3
America Digital

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