Middle East Education, Technology, Students Congress & Exhibition in Iraq (M.E.E.T.S)

Education Management; Education Technologies & Aids

Address: Erbil International Fair Ground, Erbil International Fair Ground, Iraq
Date: 21 to 24 Aug '19
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M.E.E.T.S 2019 is the biggest and first platform of education in Iraq history that which is organized by the professional team of ERA ARBO; the organizers of Ideal House Exhibition, PharMEdent Congress & Exhibition, and Beauty & Fashion Congress & Exhibition of Iraq.

This big event will be running annually in Erbil city starting from 21st to 24th of August on the Erbil International Fairground in the lovely SAR Park.

M.E.E.T.S 2019 is the biggest assembly of education’s stakeholders including universities, institutes, schools, students, pupils, parents, decision makers, service providers, investors, vision developers, trainees and degree seekers.

M.E.E.T.S 2019 is creating opportunities for prospective students to receive valuable information from various destination (local & international teaching centers) which includes the university or school of choice that best suits his circumstances, how to engage with it in the easiest and fastest way and most suitable fees and what are the affordable requirements and eligibility criteria that matches their cases.


Key Themes & Topics

1. Nation level summit of highest governmental and educational system decision makers.

2. Press Conferences

3. Presentations

4. Social and artistic Promotional activities

5. Giving out certificates for exhibitors

6. Social workers & volunteering certification

Who Should Attend

Who are the EXHIBITORS of M.E.E.T.S 2019?
- Private Universities
- Public Universities
- Primary and Secondary Schools
- Teaching Institutes
- Training Institutes and Centers.
- Foreign Language teaching institutes and centers
- Kindergarten and Nurseries
- Cultural Centers
- Study abroad facilitating companies
- Scholarship granting bodies and organizations
- Students NGOs and Unions
- Technology, communications, stationaries. software, printing, publication companies.
- Ministries of Education & Higher Education
- Embassies, consulates, cultural & educational foreigner missions.
- Libraries
- Communication & Networking services
- Media
- Companies who are engaging directly in building, supplying and accessorizing educational buildings, devices and appliances.

Who are the Visitors of M.E.E.T.S 2019?
- Students & pupils (more than 50,000) from all of Iraq & middle east. who are looking for their college and school of choice.
- Parents who are keen, anxious or excited of finding best solutions (fits their desires & budgets) from kindergarten, schools and universities.
- Researchers and postgraduates pursuing scholarships and grants.
- Entrepreneurs looking for funding their inventions and thoughts.
- Qualified persons looking for job in the exhibitor universities and schools.
- Business solutions and services manufacturers and suppliers of education units and departments installation/maintenance.
- Investors and capital holders who are looking for successful educational projects and establishments.



Erbil International Fair Ground


Erbil International Fair Ground

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