Oxford Leadership Conference is the flagship event of the Oxford Centre for Leadership that brings together established and emerging leaders in the realms of public policy, business and technology from across the world to learn from each other and prepare to tackle the toughest challenges in an increasingly complex and polarised world.   

The 3-days immersive event provides early career professionals and university students with cutting-edge insights, skills, and tools necessary to navigate complex leadership challenges in various domains, including business, technology, politics, and social activism, using Oxford’s unique pedagogy to hone leadership qualities.

The focus is to bring Oxford to you and use the same tools that have nurtured hundreds of heads of state, Nobel laureates, and top-notch business leaders. These include Oxford’s renowned Socrates method for teaching, Oxford Union’s tradition of parliamentary debating and Oxford’s unparalleled position as a hub for knowledge exchange and networking between the world’s best minds. 

Join us as we take you on an inspiring journey where history meets the future, and where you can be a part of crafting a world led by inspired and responsible leaders.