Saudi Arabia is a G20 economy and the largest economy in the Arab World and the Middle East. It has made strong progress in transforming its economy away from a dependence on hydrocarbon resources and through this process is attracting strong investment interest into the digital infrastructure to enable its transformation. This investment momentum is driven also by a high standard of living and the support of the country’s leaders.

Agenda Topics:

  • How is Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 progressing and what have been the key deliverables and learnings so far?

  • How will the 'Data Centre Services Regulations' impact local providers and what will be the international implications?

  • Which are the key global digital demand trends that Saudi data centre and cloud providers should be aware of as key sources of future business?

  • How will it be possible for data centres, cloud and networks in Saudi Arabia to manage the demands that AI will make in terms of compute, storage and connectivity?

  • How will changing global investment requirements affect investor appetite for data centre investment in Saudi Arabia?

  • Scope 3 - the next major data centre sustainability challenge?

  • What can the data centre sector learn from the resources industry? And vica-versa?

  • How will digital technology change the design and build process for Saudi data centres in the future?

  • How will cloud need to evolve and change to meet future Saudi IT requirements?

  • What will be the key opportunities and challenges for the Saudi data centre and cloud sectors over the next 5 years or so?