Scholars International Conference on Frontiers in Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Pharmacology & Pharmaceuticals; Chemistry

Address: Rafael Hoteles Forum Alcala, Calle de Bulgaria, 2, 28802 Alcalá de Henares Madrid, Spain
Date: 02 to 03 Dec '19
CPD/CME/CEU: CPD Accreditation Credits
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Chemistry Frontiers 2019 will be held on December 02-03, 2019 at Madrid, Spain. The theme of the conference is "Enlightening the Advancements and Exploring the New Horizons in Chemistry and Drug Discovery".

The ultimate aim of Scholars Conferences is to gather all Academics, Business and industrial people in the field of chemistry and drug discovery throughout the globe where one can expose their research work among eminent people.

The meetings will be a multidisciplinary social event to show significant territories like Polymer Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Synthetic Compound Chemistry and general applications. Chemistry Frontiers 2019 furnishes an awesome chance to coordinate with peers from around the globe concentrated on finding out about Chemistry.

Academics and professionals will find high-quality, cutting-edge research across all facets of chemistry, in particular analytical chemistry, polymer science, catalysis, and electrochemistry, as well as theoretical and computational chemistry.

The Conference will also have a space for companies and/or institutions to present their services, products, innovations and research results. Chemistry Frontiers 2019 invites Speakers and Participants to present their Articles and Brief Reports describing research results on Chemistry and Drug Discovery Research.

Through the promotion of chemistry and drug discovery by providing expert and scientific advice, Scholars Conferences aims to take part in the solution to today´s major challenges and pursue the mission to Learn, Connect and Collaborate.


Key Themes & Topics

- General Chemistry
- Biochemistry
- Organic Chemistry
- Inorganic Chemistry
- Nanochemistry
- Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics
- Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
- Modern Chemistry & Applications
- Marine Chemistry
- Geochemistry
- Structural Chemistry
- Industrial Chemistry
- Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)
- Chemical Engineering
- Analytical Chemistry
- Medicinal Chemistry
- Novel Drug Delivery System
- Materials Chemistry
- Nuclear Chemistry and Radioactivity
- Sustainable, Green, and Environmental Chemistry
- Drug Discovery
- Polymer Chemistry
- Photochemistry
- High Energy Chemistry
- Pharmaceutical Chemistry
- Food Chemistry
- Drug Targeting & Drug Designing
- Electrochemistry

Who Should Attend

- Chemists
- Analytical Chemists
- Chemical Engineers
- Clinical Biochemists
- Forensic Scientists
- Material and Polymer Chemists
- Food Chemists
- Nano Chemists and Technologists
- Pharmacologists
- Research Scientists and Scholars
- Biotechnologists
- Academic Scientists
- Diagnostic and Clinical Laboratory Professionals
- Business Entrepreneurs
- Industry Professionals
- Directors/Managers/CEO’s
- Presidents & Vice Presidents
- Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products


- CPD Accreditation Credits
- Professional Worldview
- Global Recognition of Scholars
- Emerging and Cutting-Edge Technologies
- Publication of Abstracts with Unique DOI Number
- Deep Learning and Sharing knowledge
- Exposure to the Upcoming Business Trends
- Supporting Communications Between Scholars
- Assessing the Research and Communication of Research Discoveries
- Discounts on Full Length Paper Publication
- Free Access to Upcoming International Events
- Participation Certificate with International Signatories
- Discover, Deliver and Delight


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Andrea Ragusa

University of Salento


Organizing Committee

Edward A. Peter Robinson

Dean at University of Toronot

Mississauga, Canada

Organizing Committee

Gheorghe D. Mateescu

Emeritus Professor at Case Western Reserve

University, USA

Organizing Committee

Nicholas A. Ashford

Director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Organizing Committee

Osman Adiguzel

Firat University


Organizing Committee

Raghuvir Ramakant Pissurlenkar

Goa College of Pharmacy


Organizing Committee

Sergey Vasilevskiy

Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion of

Siberian Branch, Russia

Organizing Committee

Michael Fundator

National Academy of Sciences, United States

Keynote Speaker

Michael Hennig

leadXpro AG, Switzerland

Keynote Speaker

Abdeen Omer

Energy Research Institute, UK

Edson Junqueira Leite

Embrapa, Brazil

Kaki Mohamed

University of Djelfa, Algeria

Mahmoud Abdelhafiz

Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt

M Nieves Piña Capó

University of Balearic Islands, Spain

Mohua Das

National University of Singapore, Singapore



Rafael Hoteles Forum Alcala

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Rafael Hoteles Forum Alcala


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