Together In Action (TiA) Impact Summit

Virtual Conference / Summit
Startups & Entrepreneurship; Venture Capital

Date: 19 Nov '20
Time: From 10:00am (GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

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The Together In Action (TiA) Impact Summit will generate lasting connections between some of the world’s most dynamic social entrepreneurs, global thought leaders, industry experts, investors, and impact professionals. 

Step into this community of passionate, dedicated individuals and play a role in building innovative, actionable solutions to the biggest problems we face on this planet including; poverty, hunger, education, gender equality, climate change, human rights and biodiversity collapse just to name a few.

The summit will inaugurate the leading social innovations from the global Together In Action Innovation Challenge. You’ll be one of the first to meet these change makers, hear their incredible stories and be in a unique position to help them along their journey. 

Hear from world class action-oriented leaders in impact, sustainable capital, technology and ancient traditions.

Join the interactive panel discussions, engage with experts, participate in the online forum discussions and forge strong, purpose-led connections. A powerful network is forming and if we all lean in and combine our thinking and efforts, we can play a significant role in building a better future for people and planet. 

The TiA Impact Summit will be held on the 19th of November, virtually, from 10am SGT. It will be entertaining, educational and most importantly it includes inspirational content.

This is not your standard Zoom webinar. It’s a purpose-built virtual gathering designed to kick-start a movement.

Bring your popcorn and dial up the volume –  it’s going to be quite a show!

Topics Summary

🌏 1. Welcome to World - A ceremony from traditional custodians from around the world.

🌏 2. Our Path Forward -  Recognising the pattern of life How can we learn to be custodians of living complexity through co-design with indigenous knowledge-keepers?

🌏 3. A Message from your MC - In song Changing the way that we see the world is key to re-designing the human presence on Planet Earth to be healthy, resilient and sustainable.

🌏 4. Achieving Exponential Impact - How can global collaboration and technology innovation help humanity exponentially scale positive impact?

🌏 5. Bridging The Gap - What are the changes that we need to make to enable sustainable capital  flow towards grassroots innovations?

🌏 6. Unlocking Intergenerational Wisdom - How can respectful and curious dialogues between generations help build our cultural capacity for positive action?

🌏 7. What gets measured, gets managed -  How can the tangibility of our impact fuel our commitment to positive change at a global and grass roots level?

🌏 8. Emerging Innovators -  A showcase of the top 10 finalists of the Together In Action 2020 Global Innovation Challenge.

🌏 9. Empowering Action - How do we find the confidence to act in an uncertain world? 

Pay What You Can

We don’t want money to be the reason that someone can’t join this meaningful event. That’s why rather than setting the ticket price to join the impact summit, we’re asking you to pay what you can. What is an opportunity like this worth to you? How much are you willing to invest in a brighter future?

It might be a little, or a lot. Both will make a difference.

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