World AI Show is a thought-leadership-driven, business-focused, global series of events taking place in strategic locations across the world. It connects top AI experts, enterprises, government representatives, data scientists, technology leaders, startups, researchers, academicians, and global AI innovators - all under one roof. Endorsed by NITI Aayog the conference will gather 500+ pre-qualified AI and ML Experts, CIOs, CEOs, Government dignitaries, Investors, and business leaders among others who will be part of powerful keynotes, workshops, government and enterprise use- case presentations, product exhibitions, and tech talks. To facilitate research and infrastructure requirements, the government through its 2019 budget is gearing up to significantly invest in a national program on AI through NITI Aayog. The World AI Show showcases the latest in technology and innovation, which includes AI, ML & Robotics for multiple sectors ranging from Smart Cities, E-learning, Retail, Renewable & Clean Energy, IoT, and Transportation. Find out why countless CEO's and Solution Architects regard World AI Show as one of the best conferences that they have attended. World AI & RPA Show - Mumbai 2019 will also feature The Startup World Cup, organized in association with Pegasus Tech Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based multinational VC firm. There will be 40+ regional events across North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, leading up to the Grand Finale in the US Silicon Valley, where the global champion will be awarded a US$ 1 million investment prize. KEY STATS 500+ C-Level Executives | 90% Decision Makers | 50+ Speakers 30+ Solution Providers | 100+ Investors