1. Why should I post my business event or course on Industry Events?

There are many reasons why you should post your business event or training course on Industry Events:

  1. It's FREE. Unlimited Postings. Self-Managed.
  2. It's global. Reach beyond your borders to attract new registrations.
  3. Our users are your target audience. Choose to be seen in multiple industry sectors.
  4. It's a quick and effective way to fill up spaces at your next event or course.
  5. You are embracing the latest technology designed solely to promote your event to the world


There's no posting limit, so jump on board and add your professional event or training course now.


2. Is it really free?

It's absolutely FREE to post business events on the Industry Events App and website. As there is no posting limit you can promote ALL of your events and courses on Industry Events. You no longer need to pay exuberant advertising fees to get the word out.

It's super easy to create a new posting and you can publish (and manage) your posting 24/7 simply by clicking POST NOW on the Industry Events Homepage.

Do not waste this valuable opportunity to promote your professional event or course to the world's professionals, students and academics.


3. How do I create a post in less than 2 minutes?

You can post as little as your event's basic details or spend a moment longer to optimise your posting to its full potential to:

  1. Gain an edge over other similar events
  2. Persuade our users to register with you immediately
  3. Create your own eye-catching marketing asset for free - to showcase and share with your clients and colleagues.

To get started, click POST NOW on the Industry Events Homepage.


4. What type of events can I advertise on Industry Events?

You can publish both Professional Events and Educational Training Courses on the Industry Events App and website. Our Event Types are grouped together to maximise your posting's visibility to our users. Event types are grouped together as follows, simply select the most applicable type when completing the New Posting form:



  1. Business Retreat, Tour & Trip
  2. Conference, Seminar & Symposium
  3. Convention & Congress
  4. Exhibition, Tradeshow & Expo
  5. Networking Event & Meetup



  1. Education & Training (Face-to-Face)
  2. Education & Training (Online)


5. How is my business event or training course ticketed?

Industry Events is not a ticketing service. You will need to provide a website URL for registration purposes as traffic from our site will be directed to it. The event’s REGISTER NOW button displayed on the Industry Events website and mobile apps will link to the nominated URL provided by you for your event’s ticketing and registration.


6. What information can I include in my posting?

In addition to publishing your event's basic details and your event's logo/image, you can optimise your posting further by adding more information. In the New Posting Form there is a variety headings you can add information to including:


  • Speaker Information (including photo)
  • Sponsor Information (including logo)
  • Exhibitor Information (including logo)
  • Social Media Links
  • Event Features.
    • Key Themes amp; Topics
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Prerequisites & Requirements
    • Who Should Attend
    • Certification Received

If you don't require all of these headings, just leave them blank, as only the headings you have added content to will appear in your posting. If you need to add or change some details after your event has been published, simply click MANAGE POSTING on the Industry Events homepage, find the relevant event in your My Postings table and click on the Edit button.


It's to your advantage to publish as much detail as possible as optimised postings:

  1. Increased search ranking and increased chance for professionls to find you
  2. Persuade our users to attend your event in a meaningful and useful way
  3. Are eye-catching and worthy of showcasing and sharing with your clients, customers and users linkedIn networks.


7. How do I make changes to or remove a published post?

To access all of your Postings (both published and saved) click MANAGE POSTING on the Industry Events homepage. The postings you have created will be listed in the table within the My Postings tab. 

To EDIT a post, find the relevant event/course within the My Postings table and click on EDIT.  Your posting will be broken down into its sub-sections to make it easier for you to modify.  When you are done, PREVIEW your post (by selecting the Preview button) and then click on PUBLISH.

To DELETE a post, find the relevant event/course within the My Postings table and click on EDIT.  Press the DELETE button to remove the published post from the Industry Events website and App.


8. What's the benefit of listing my event in multiple relevant industry categories?

Industry Events mission is to embrace and promote cross-industry collaboration in the hope of accelerating solutions to the world's problems. To make it easier for you to reach out to more professionals in different industry sectors (to let them know about your event), we have added a feature whereby your posting can be published in 2 Industry Categories (e.g. Technology) AND 2 Sub-Industry Categories (e.g. Virtual Reality).   So please utilise this feature if you can.  Your posting will be visible in the feeds of more App users and will appear in more filtered search results which is of greater benefit to you.

Note: you may notice some of our sub-categories appear multiple times within different Industry Categories e.g. Economics is represented as Economics (Arts & Social Sciences) & Economics (Banking & Finance) in our drop down category list.  The reason for this, is to help our users pin point the exact types of events, training & news they are searching for in a timely fashion and for you to promote your event or course to a more direct audience. This way you can hone in on both specific professions as well as the broader industry sectors.


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